22 Reasons Why Taiwanese Girls Don’t Suck Winston

Wondering what dating Taiwan girls is like? After living in the Orient for 7 years my friends and I all agree – dating in Taiwan is great! There are a lot of benefits that are worth mentioning that you won’t find in other parts of Asia. When you’re with a Taiwanese woman chances are that her family and herself will be open-minded towards interracial dating this is something that you might not find in Korea – for example. So why do we love Taiwan? Here’s why! One thing you can appreciate about Taiwanese women is that they speak English for the most part. Granted – if you go to Taiwan’s capital ‘Taipei’ you’ll notice it a lot more. If you find yourself in the smaller cities like Kaohshiung or Taichung it might not be as available. So you don’t need to speak Mandarin to meet and date a Taiwanese woman.


WIth our combined dating experiences in Mainland China and Taiwan, we wanna break down the differences we have noticed between Chinese girls and Taiwanese girls with respect to dating and personality traits. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Less aggressive and fiery than latinas for sure lol. Posted using Partiko Android. Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1!

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For another take, read this excellent letter taking issue with my POV. There is one exception: many well-known individuals in the entertainment industry are an American or other foreign -born Chinese and bilingual ABCs with talents in that direction are much in demand. I used to provide a section on getting along, but I stopped. If you already knew Taiwan, you didn’t need it. If you didn’t, it couldn’t help you. If you’ve read this far, you already know a lot about how to get along in Taiwanese culture.

I will say this: your best bet is always to act like a foreigner.

What are Taiwanese Women Like – Dating Girls from Taiwan

Young Taiwanese women have a reputation for being ultra materialistic. This is evidenced by Taiwanese media and countless remarks in online forums and blogs. So I started asking around to do some fact checking. When I asked Taiwanese guys what Taiwanese women want in a boyfriend, their response was a resounding,.

It’s all about reciprocal dating or socially accepted hooking up. Fuck Taiwanese girls! You do understand why Taiwanese girls go for ABC guys, right?

Home l Post l Read l Random. Categories people movies sex dating work places Most Popular [13] Myrtle Beach So fucking pathetic and lame, strange creature. I mean iceberg! Everything in Taiwan and the Taiwanese patriots suck. Wanna go back to Texas where everything is big and just super sized. TW girls are very antisocial who do not even talk to strangers.

I just chatted with one angry, unhappy taiwan whore.. Is so easy to bully a small country full of really nice people, right?

This Taiwanese girl said it’s shameful to date guys who use Android phones

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READ MORE. Foreign girls on r/Taiwan. What is your dating experience. French Women Don’t Date: the French Dating System Explained By Camille.

Formerly known as Formosa, Taiwan is an island located off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Despite the dispute on the political status of Taiwan, it has a thriving economy and vibrant culture. These are also the qualities which make a social life in Taiwan quite exciting. So if you are a guy and visiting this part of the world, here is what you can expect of women from Taiwan.

TIP: This website has many Taiwanese women looking for wealthy men to date. Attractive in a cute kind of way Women in Taiwan share attractive physical traits like smooth skin and shiny, straight black hair with most other Southeast Asian women. Most of them seem to favor a pixie look in hairstyles which further emphasize their petite frames and youthful appearance.

Factors For Meeting Taiwanese Ladies On Dating Sites Revealed

The Language Level symbol shows a user’s proficiency in the languages they’re interested in. Setting your Language Level helps other users provide you with answers that aren’t too complex or too simple. Deleted user.

Japanese cartoon mocking dating cultures depicts Taiwanese as ‘sweet’ in contrast “Japanese girls would never do that, they are very quiet,”.

The girls of Taiwan are extremely beautiful and there is no doubt that there are plenty of men who would love to take them out on a date. However, taking out a beautiful woman out on a date can be a daunting task for many guys hence why some Taiwan personals are so popular. Unsuccessful attempts can mainly be attributed to the fact that those approaching the girls do not have a lot of knowledge about the Taiwanese culture. Then in an effort to impress the girls , they find themselves in a situation where the girl just gets annoyed or angry.

Hailing from the eastern part of the planet, the Taiwanese girls are nowhere close to being similar to the American or the European girls. They come from a completely different culture which is dear to them. Some people may succeed in taking them out for the first time. But in order to take the stake to the second level, a real good impression needs to be made on the first day itself.

Are Taiwanese Girls Easy?

Dating Taiwanese There is only one remedy for yellow fever, and that is to date an Taiwanese Girls. Like with all dating , the secret to winning an Taiwanese Girls’s heart is doing. So when you try to date a Taiwanese girl, take your skin color out of the equation. If you’re not white, sorry if I assumed.

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Overview: Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, a city known for underrated nightlife and incredibly educated, intelligent girls. Taiwanese women in the capital often speak decent English, have good jobs, and a slight obsession with foreign men. During June, July, and August — you can expect temperatures in the 80s. In the winter months, lows reach the mids.

Rain can be an issue, too. September is definitely the worst month for rain in Taipei. Safety: Taipei is safe. If you must do one tourist thing in the city, try and check out Taipei The view from this giant skyscraper is certainly worth it for the Instagram photo alone. The nightlife in Taipei is surprisingly good. Well, it can be awesome. Online Dating in Taipei, Taiwan: Taiwanese women are somewhat westernized. So online dating in Taipei is a little different than other Asian cities and countries.

Most people in Taiwan are quite educated and will speak a decent amount of English, especially the women.

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Taiwanese women have bad reps. Mostly, people view Taiwanese women as materialistic, self-centered, insecure, uneducated and, insanely jealous and possessive. The question is, are there any truths to the claims and why have Taiwanese women gotten such a nasty and negative reputation?

Many people overlook Taiwan when they are thinking of East Asian territories but the fact of the matter is that, just like many Asian cultures.

The fact is, this is true — sort of. How true? And even that would just slow you down. Taiwanese women are beautiful. They have wonderful slender figures, long silky hair, their personalities and character are pretty much the way movies portray them to be; submissive and ready to please men. There may be a more beautiful group of women out there somewhere, but I have yet to meet them.

Chinese guys will tell you a different story. Both she and many of my female students agreed that these women are in fact the most beautiful, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated women around. Chinese society is very conservative. Dating is strictly serious business aimed at achieving marriage.

11 things you should know about Taiwanese Girls